Winter Family Fun

Well, it appears the winter of 2017, which started off slow here in Halifax, has come out swinging now and it’s time to make a choice: will you hibernate, or jump in with both feet?

We mostly jump in with both feet (interspersed with bouts of hibernation) and we’ve got tons of ideas to embrace and enjoy winter – both inside in the height of a storm AND outside once the storm has settled down. Here’s a collection of some of our winter family fun posts full of ideas to keep everyone happy when the snow falls!


Last year we created a set of easy activities that required virtually no special supplies to have fun outside!

Here’s the second part of our easy winter play series.

These five Halifax outings can be done any time of year, in almost any weather, and are our “back pocket” ideas for an adventure when it’s on the cold side.



Snow Ice Cream (first thing you do when the snow falls!!). This is a yummy treat to celebrate a big snowfall.

A great activity to do before or during a storm so you can hang it up after the snow stops.

Another fun activity to do while the snow blows, then take a walk after it stops to hang them up for the hungry critters.

The first installment of our little kids virtual book club is all about the snow!

Another yummy treat for the critters! 

Now get out there (or in there ) and do something to celebrate winter! If you’re wondering why it’s important to play outside, along with some resources on how to find all of the great parks and trails to explore in the region, check out this article from my column in the Family Matters magazine with all the details.

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