Name Egg Puzzle: Easter Activity

Your child will learn how to spell his or her name with this Easter egg puzzle.pngYour child will learn how to spell his or her name with this Easter egg puzzle.png

Trying to teach your toddler or young preschooler how to spell their name? Yeah, that can be challenging, especially if their name has more than three or four letters *guilty as charged.* I came up with this fun egg puzzle to help my kids learn how to spell their names.

All you’ll need are some plastic Easter eggs, an empty egg carton, permanent marker, scissors and maybe some tape.

*Heads up: I’ve heard some people worry about salmonella contact from used egg cartons. We don’t, but we also live dangerously around here and eat raw cookie dough. If you’re worried about this though, make sure they wash their hands afterwards (and don’t put their hands in their mouths while playing with it).

Grab as many eggs as your child’s name has letters. Use a permanent marker to write the letter on the front and back of the egg to make the letter easy to find.

Take an egg carton and cut it so that the cups match the number of name letters. If your child’s name has more than six letters, add a second section of the carton with a piece of tape so that it makes one long row of egg cups.

Clearly print each letter of their name (matching the upper/lower case on the eggs) on the back, front and bottom of the cup. I say this because small children work at all sorts of odd angles so it’s good to have the letter easy to find from any position they contort themselves into.

Show the child the egg and the letters on the cups and have them match them up.

At first, if they have no experience spelling their name, you may wish to let them put them in the cups in whatever order they wish to complete the puzzle.

As they get more comfortable have them work from the first letter to the last letter so they learn how to spell it in the right order. Before you know it, your little one will be rhyming off the letters of their name and astounding friends and family.

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