Shell Scramble Easter Activity

This Easter shell scramble game teaches colours, matching, fine motor skills and more!.pngThis Easter shell scramble game teaches colours, matching, fine motor skills and more!.png

This matching egg game is perfect for Easter or spring and it has multiple levels of learning in it, but they’ll never know!

Colour identification, fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, patterns, counting and matching are all at work here.

Hop over to your local dollar store and grab a set of bowls with matching spoons and then a bag of mini foam Easter eggs to match the bowl colours (NOT the edible mini eggs unless you have way more self-control than I do). You can also include other implements for picking up the eggs such as tongs, chopsticks or a ladle (these don’t need to match, they can just be added as they master the spoons).

Dump the eggs in a bin, add the bowls and spoons, and hand it over to the kids. Let them play with the tools first, exploring with their hands and the spoons.

Then you can level it up by showing them how to balance the egg on one of the little spoons and then dropping it in its corresponding bowl (or any bowl at the start if they’re very little).

Different tong techniquesDifferent tong techniques

Different tong techniques

Add the tongs (or one of the other utensils) if you want to add another layer of exploration. This also makes a great quiet time activity (as long as your child is able to be unsupervised with these little eggs!).

Once they get the hang of this you can extend the play by counting and making patterns (pink, green, blue/pink green, blue). And the wonderful thing about this is because these eggs look like little bird eggs, it can be relevant right into spring!

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