Grand Lake Oakfield Playground Review

Grand Lake Oakfield Playground may be a little off the beaten path for many Haligonians where it sits on the side of Highway 2 between Laurie Park and Oakfield Park, but with two playground structures, swings, climbing tires and more, we think you’ll agree it’s worth the trip.


I recently took my daughter and her friend after school. When we got there it was deserted but it didn’t take long for the kids to come streaming in and, because it’s so big, there’s plenty of room for a crowd. We ended up spending two full hours there and even then I had to drag them away.

The main section is designed as if it’s a kid’s dream tree house with tons of places to climb and slide and even “boards nailed up” with phrases “carved” into them to complete the treehouse/clubhouse effect.

IMG_0912 (1).JPGIMG_0912 (1).JPG

There are three slides (well, four technically I guess as one is a double) on this structure. The tall one is fast and furious with a nice flat bottom part to prevent kids from launching into the gravel at the bottom.


I love how there are so many different ways to access the top of the structure, from basic steps to twisty climbers to rock walls.Even if they can master one way, there are countless others to keep challenging them.


There’s also a second smaller playground structure on this site suitable for little kids (though there were plenty of small ones on the big structure). It has a teeter totter and a couple of those spinner things that you stand on, spin around and get really dizzy.

This structure is just for climbing up and down, and up and down, and up and down…you get the idea. Simple, yet effective.

An always popular area is the section with giant tires to climb on and a big cement tunnel perfect for hiding in and then popping out of and scaring your kids…or is that just me?

There’s even a set of swings (two belt, two baby) here!

The playground is adjacent to a baseball field as well as a basketball court, and has a portable toilet on site as well though I’m not sure if it’s there year round. There are a few nice metal picnic tables there too.

Grand Lake Oakfield Playground is just moments away from Oakfield Park and Laurie Park, both of which have swimming areas, so you can double it up with a trip to the beach before or after the playground to make a fantastic family day out!

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