Victoria Park Playground Road Trip (Truro)

Victoria Park Playground Road Trip (Truro, NS).pngVictoria Park Playground Road Trip (Truro, NS).png

Recently my kids and I took a road trip to Truro and met up with Jenna (and her kids) from Pickle Planet Moncton. While trying to decide where to go, there really was no debate. Victoria Park for the win! 

I hadn’t been there since Miss M was tiny. It was, in fact, this was the place where she got her first major injury and needed stitches (through no fault of the park itself).

If you haven’t been to this gem, make sure you add it to your list of places to go. It’s a massive (ONE THOUSAND ACRES) park at 29 Park Rd (there are signs all over the place directing you to the park once you get to town). It has a fantastic playground, trails everywhere, a heated outdoor pool, a performance area, charming rivers winding through the woods, and a stunning waterfall. In short, it’s the perfect destination for a fall road trip. Victoria Park in Truro is a massive (ONE THOUSAND ACRES) park with a fantastic playground, trails everywhere, picnic tables, charming brooks winding through the woods, and a stunning waterfall. In short, it’s the perfect destination for a fall road trip.

We went for the playground mainly, first and foremost. With three three-year-old boys and two five-year-old girls, of course that was our first stop.



There are two climbing structures – the first one (above) is a bit more for the younger kids. The one below is more challenging to keep the older kids entertained.



The park also has some natural playground features which I was pleased to see. 

IMG_1329 (1).JPGIMG_1329 (1).JPG

Giant boulders to climb on and proclaim your “king of the castle” status, and logs to scramble over and hide behind in a game of hide and seek.


This spinner thing-a-ma-bob (I’m pretty sure that’s the correct term) was a huge hit with our crew. There are two levels to sit on, plus you can climb up the netting WHILE IT’S SPINNING (at about one mile an hour) which made our kids feel wild and crazy.


THESE SWINGS. Why aren’t they everywhere? Baby sits in one side, big kid or parent sits in the other and you swing together. Baby gets to giggle at your silly faces and you get to enjoy the swings too. Love these.


They also have one of these platform swings which we love as several kids can pile on together.


Of course, no visit to Victoria Park is complete without a little wilderness adventure. After some play time and a picnic, we walked the crew up to the waterfall, with many stops along the way to throw rocks in the brook, conquer an almost vertical wall of dirt, and to climb Jacob’s Ladder (over 175 steps!).


Jenna from PPM brought a wagon and we brought bikes which helped keep things moving along. The older girls (both “almost six” at the time) chose to walk and had no problem with the distance. I am not exactly sure how far it is but no more than about half a kilometre round trip, but the kids all managed without too much complaining. The trail is flat and easy to navigate which helps a lot, although just before the waterfall it gets more rugged and you’ll may need to leave strollers or wagons behind there while you walk the last few metres to the falls.


The reward at the end is a stunning waterfall with a great viewing area. We enjoyed a nice break there checking out the waterfalls from different vantage points before heading back to the main playground area to finish out our visit.

*Note: I will caution you to be careful with wee ones at the waterfall. There are several spots that kids can climb down to the slippery rocks quickly.


Playground Features and Amenities

  • Two play structures (one for toddlers, one for older kids)

  • Baby/adult swing sets

  • Platform swing

  • Natural playground features (logs, boulders, dirt area)

  • Large spinner with climbing net

  • Fence between playground and road (not fully closed in though)

  • Public bathrooms

  • Picnic tables

  • Benches

  • Free parking adjacent to the playground

  • Trail system suitable for walking, cycling, cross country skiing, and snowshoeing

  • Canteen (seasonal)

  • Outdoor heated pool and splash pad/spray park (seasonal)

  • Tennis courts

  • Baseball field

  • Dogs are allowed on leash

  • Multiple garbage/recycling disposal units


Victoria Park Playground in Truro, NS - A must-do road trip!Victoria Park Playground in Truro, NS - A must-do road trip!

4 thoughts on “Victoria Park Playground Road Trip (Truro)

  1. We LOVE Victoria Park! We’re across the street from one of the top sections, so we walk in all the time and down the stairs to the playground.


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