30 Nova Scotia Inspired Baby Names


Choosing a name for your baby may be one of the biggest decisions of your life. If you live in Nova Scotia, or are originally from here, or if Nova Scotia simply holds a special place in your heart, this list will give you some wonderful and unique ways to show your Nova Scotia pride when naming your child.

We polled our readers for their special Nova Scotia names and wasn’t surprised to see many Cape Breton inspired names (hence that adorable Cape Breton vested baby in the title image). We also added some more names heard throughout the years, and together we’ve come up with a list of thirty Nova Scotia inspired baby names for you to peruse.

They’re alphabetical, rather than “gendered,” as many names can be for boys or girls.

If you have more to add, please do so in the comments so everyone can see the name and why it has a special Nova Scotia connection to you!

We had a baby boy and named him Breton. We both are from this beautiful place and wanted him to have a piece of home. He may not be where we are from with a Nova Scotia Birth Certificate, but he has Breton on his Alberta one.

— Laura Lee Zammit

Acadia: for the region, the people, and the university

Ainslie: for Lake Ainslie in Cape Breton

Alexander: Nova Scotia’s own Alexander Graham Bell and Alexander Keith are both great reasons to use this name

Alistair: for Alistair MacLeod, acclaimed Cape Breton novelist

Anne: whether it’s for our neighbour PEI’s Anne of Green Gables, or Nova Scotia’s own Anne Murray, Annapolis Royal, or Fort Anne, you can’t go wrong with this classic

Ashby: for Ashby, Cape Breton

Barrington: for Barrington – the lobster capital of Canada!

Breton: for, of course, Cape Breton

Flora is named after my great aunt Marie Flora, who built and ran the famous Flora’s gift shop in Cheticamp, NS. Anyone who passes through Cheticamp knows the famous large white letters on the roof of the building. She has always been an inspiration to me as a business entrepreneur myself and we were very proud to name Flora Marie after her.

— Louise MacDonald

Brooklyn: for Brooklyn, Queens County

Cabot: for the Cabot Trail

Ceilidh: (pronounced Kay-lee) Gaelic for, according to wikipedia: “a social event at which there is Scottish or Irish folk music and singing, traditional dancing, and storytelling,” or, as we usually call it, a good old-fashioned Nova Scotia kitchen party

Colchester/Cole: for Colchester Country

George: for George Dixon, Africville born boxer who was the first Canadian born boxing champion

Hali: for Halifax

Mabel: for the famous children’s book Mabel Murple by Nova Scotia’s Sheree Fitch

Mairead: (pronounced like Mah-rade) Gaelic form of Margaret

Our week old daughter is named Hali; we chose this spelling as a tip of the hat to Halifax where we first confessed our love to each other.

— Jenna Steve

Maud: for the infamous NS artist Maud Lewis

Margaree: for Margaree, Cape Breton

Mira: for Mira, Cape Breton

Nova: for Nova Scotia, Latin for “new”

Ocean: because NS is Canada’s Ocean Playground

Peggy: for Peggys Cove

Rita: either for renowned Mi’kmaq poet Rita Joe or singer Rita MacNeil

I once had a pair of twins in my class named Nova and Scotia. (I was living in Toronto at the time.) … When I asked the father (why) they chose those names for the girls, he said because he and his wife felt Nova Scotia was the most beautiful place they had ever seen.

— Kara Beaumont Walker

Sable: for Sable Island

Scotia: for Nova Scotia, Latin for Scotland

Sloan: for the band that put Nova Scotia on the music map as “Seattle of the North”

Sydney/Sidney: for Sydney, Cape Breton or Sidney Crosby

Victoria: for the county and the Queen

Viola: for Viola Desmond, civil rights pioneer in NS and the first woman (besides the Queen) on Canadian currency

Xavier: for St Francis Xavier University in Antigonish

When I was pregnant with my 19 month old my husband and I went for a drive one Sunday around Cape Breton Island. We hadn’t picked a name at the time so he saw the sign for ‘Lake Ainslie’ and said hey how about for the baby’s name? I loved it so we named our baby girl Ainslie.

— Amy MacKeigan

And, let’s not forget, Winter, Spring, Summer, and Autumn. Nova Scotia’s seasons are so memorable, each in their own way, that they make excellent Nova Scotian inspired names as well.



30 Nova Scotia inspired baby names30 Nova Scotia inspired baby names

Have you used one of these names? Do you have another one that we didn’t think of? Add it below in the comments and tell us why it has a special Nova Scotia connection to you.



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    1. Yes she is! We have listed her as one of the several wonderful NS inspirations for using the name Anne, along with the inspiration of Annapolis or Fort Anne, or PEI’s Anne of Green Gables.


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