Time Out for Parents at Oceanstone Seaside Resort


Thanks to Oceanstone Seaside Resort and Rhubarb Restaurant who hosted us for a visit. We only partner with businesses that we believe bring value and enjoyment to Halifax families. As always, all opinions are our own.

Sometimes, as parents, it’s really easy to get caught up in our relationship with our kids – in their life, in their activities, in their needs. When doing this, it is even easier to put your relationship as a couple on the back burner. When that happens, it’s time to call a Time Out…for the parents, not the kids…

When was the last time you and your parenting partner took a weekend to get away, without the kids, to remember why you chose each other for this journey? For me and my husband, it had been almost three years since we did that until this month when the owners of Oceanstone Seaside Resort invited my husband and I for a visit.

The Ocean Vista balcony perched high above the rest of the property and a cozy swing for two.The Ocean Vista balcony perched high above the rest of the property and a cozy swing for two.

The Ocean Vista balcony perched high above the rest of the property and a cozy swing for two.

Oceanstone is located at 8650 Peggys Cove Road in Indian Harbour, about 30-45 minutes from most homes in the Halifax region. Far enough away to feel like you’ve escaped the city, but close enough to make it an easy getaway. It’s the kind of place perfect for couples, a few close friends, or even a few days on your own. It’s peaceful and soothes the soul, and the customer service and attention to detail is second to none.


This special place is also mere moments away from the iconic Peggys Cove and something about the space – whether it be the stunning ocean views, the lovely accommodations, or the mouth-watering smells wafting from the popular Rhubarb Restaurant – dials that stress level down to non-existent.


We were tucked away in the recently renovated Ocean Vista suite. It had everything two introverts needed to escape from the everyday, including this private balcony high above everything else that gave us a perfect view of the ocean.


It also has an ensuite kitchen, a beautiful polished wooden table and stools, cozy living area with a couch and TV, an incredibly comfy bed, and windows all around the front of the suite so you can see the ocean vista from almost anywhere.


Being parents of young kids the first thing we did we relax and slide into vacation mode. My husband promptly fell asleep on the bed for a coveted mid-afternoon nap and I curled up on the couch to alternately read and gaze at the view until our stomachs started to grumble.

2017-06-01 11.24.56.jpg2017-06-01 11.24.56.jpg

The on-site restaurant , Rhubarb, offers dine-in and take-out options. For our first meal we chose take-out to eat in our suite. We popped up to Rhubarb (literally a two minute walk from our suite) and Diane Buckle, one half of the couple who owns the restaurant, greeted us and took our orders and we took a walk around the property while we waited for them to make our food.



On our walk we headed down to the frozen beach where we were greeted with a breathtaking sunset. This place seems to have romantic moments set around every corner!


For dinner we chose some of our favourite comfort foods to offset the cold, blustery day. I *love* a good burger and nothing beats a quality fish and chips. We added their soup du jour as a side as it smelled too tempting to pass up.


We settled into our suite with our food and enjoyed the ocean view while tucking into our incredible meal.


After dinner Diane invited us to try a special event they do upon request, Dessert Under the Stars! Of course we said yes! They have a private fire pit to the rear of the restaurant and when we arrived the fire was crackling and two chairs were set up with a little table, complete with cozy blankets to snuggle under.


We’d asked Diane to surprise us with the dessert selection and she didn’t disappoint. She brought out a tasting plate with a carrot beet cupcake, a butter tart, a lemon tart, two salted caramel chocolate pates (OMG), and two Lure caramels (which are made on site).

You GUYS. These are pretty much all my favourite things! I may have been a little embarrassed at how quickly we polished off all the food, but it was SO GOOD.


After eating we sat and enjoyed a coffee and tea by the crackling fire and popped a few more logs on to enjoy the evening. It was so romantic and so enjoyable to just sit and talk to each other. It’s definitely something we don’t often have the time for these days, but something so important to make the time for.

If you’re planning a getaway for your sweetheart be SURE to ask about this – it has such a WOW factor and is a memory you’ll both be sure to savour.


The next morning we SLEPT IN – though, really, how could you not with the sound of the waves crashing against the shore and a bed that’s like a marshmallow?


We took another wander around the property after the rain lightened up and then went to Rhubarb for brunch.

2018-02-11 11.05.25.jpg2018-02-11 11.05.25.jpg

The place was bustling but the staff were bright and cheerful and made us feel like we were the only ones there.


I ordered a Biscuit Bennie with bacon which comes with potatoes and a green salad and it was just perfection. The homemade biscuit melted in my mouth and the potatoes were done exactly the way I love them.


My husband ordered the omelette and of course I tested a few bites too and it was also amazing.


As we headed home that afternoon to get back to our little family, it felt like we’d been gone several days instead of one night. It’s amazing what a little time-out for parents can do for a relationship and it definitely something we need to start incorporating more into our life. Happy couple = Happy family.

To book your stay at Oceanstone Seaside Resort, or to check out their packages and to see the variety of accommodations they have, click here ; and to make a reservation at Rhubarb Restaurant, click here .

3 thoughts on “Time Out for Parents at Oceanstone Seaside Resort

  1. Oh this looks so lovely! The food looks amazing too (always super important to me)! We are overdue for a little getaway for just the two of us. I’ll have to check out Oceanstone once we’re ready. Thanks for the idea!
    Also: "bed that’s like a marshmallow" = gold 🙂


  2. This sounds so wonderful! Every time we’ve done this, we usually choose to go just a bit further from the city but this sounds like a great option!!! The campfire sounds amazing.


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