Halifax’s Ultimate Parent and Tot Resource Guide

Thank you to the local businesses named below who placed ads in the resource guide. We only partner with businesses that we believe bring value and enjoyment to Halifax families. If you’d like to talk about working together, please contact us. As always, all opinions are our own.

The One-Stop Shop for all of Halifax's Parent and Tot Programs are in this Resource Guide. Save this pin!!! (Top image courtesy of Port City Strollers, bottom taken at Halifax's Free Forest School).The One-Stop Shop for all of Halifax's Parent and Tot Programs are in this Resource Guide. Save this pin!!! (Top image courtesy of Port City Strollers, bottom taken at Halifax's Free Forest School).

When I started this website, over three years ago, I had initially dreamed of it being a resource guide for local parents. After I had my first child I discovered quickly that finding out about programs being offered for parents and kids in the city required a fair amount of effort searching for them. There were plenty of options out there, but they were all over the place and you had to have a bit of luck to come across them – especially if you were new to the parenting scene.

Three years later and my kids are six and four *gulp* and my blog has evolved with them, however I still have a special place in my heart for new parents eager to make those first connections that will provide support and friendship during those early years. I believe it is truly so important for the mental health of new parents to spend time with others parents at the same stage.

Because of this I’ve continued to write about programs for new parents and I’ve also finally started creating resource guides so that Itsy Bitsy Haligonians can BE that one-stop spot I’d hoped to find when I was a new parent. I started with a guide filled with local children’s clothing designers and producers (click here to check that one out and be sure to contact me if you’d like to be included in it) and NOW I’ve created a new resource guide for parent and tot programs. 

These guides are “living guides” which means they will continue to evolve as I hear of more businesses and/or businesses contact me with their information. I will also continue to work with businesses and feature their programs and services through full, in-depth blog posts that allow you to learn more about them. 

Here are three of the programs featured in the parent and tot resource guide that I think you will want to check out; and the guide (link at the bottom) has loads more! 

Please be sure to share this post with any expecting or new parents that you know – it’s an act of kindness to encourage them to reach out and connect with others who are on this same journey.

Embrace Doula


I met Amy a couple of years ago and, honest truth, by the end of our conversation I told her I wished I’d known her, and what a doula really does, before I had my babies. I ALSO wished I known her after I had my babies as they both suffered from reflux and sleep issues, and I would have loved trying infant massage with them through her program.

Amy is the person behind Embrace Doula, which offers parents a birth companion and coach, prenatally, during labour, and post-birth, recognizing birth as a key experience a mother will remember all her life. Embrace also offers Infant Massage classes to help you bond with your baby and learn how to improve issues like sleep, digestion, and colic. 

North Music Therapy

Penny Henry 2017.JPGPenny Henry 2017.JPG

When my kids were babies we LOVED when programs we went to incorporated music. Kimberley North runs this lovely parent and tot music program, with options for both babies and toddlers, and it sounds like so much fun. Anyone have a baby I can borrow so I can go myself?? lol

Kimberley’s programs are fun and engaging music groups that work on social, motor, language, and pre-academic skills. Babies explore their surroundings through music and parents learn new songs.

Port City Strollers

unnamed (3).jpgunnamed (3).jpg

You may remember Courtney Ceponis’ stroller fitness program from a feature I did back in December – you can read that by clicking here. She has been taking the city by storm since then with fun stroller exercise classes in places like the Halifax Seaport Market and the Halifax Shopping Centre.

Port City Strollers is a stroller-based fitness class in Halifax for parents and their stroller-sized kids. It has three great locations and is offered four days a week. 

Parent and Tot Full Resource Guide

Now hop over to our Resource Guide by clicking here and view a big ol’ list of parent and tot programs (including links to the ones listed above) and bookmark it so you never have to spend any time again wondering what you can do with your baby or how to get out and connect with others. If you know of other programs that should be in this guide, please leave them in the comments and I’ll add them to the guide ASAP!

And, while you’re at it, be sure to follow us on social (links below) and join our Raising Haligonians group – it’s a private Facebook group that is judgement-free and there for sharing resources and connecting with other Halifax parents.

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