Baby Registry Celebration Provides Resources for New Parents in Halifax

Baby Registry Celebration provides resources for new parents at buybuy BABY.pngBaby Registry Celebration provides resources for new parents at buybuy BABY.png

Thanks to buybuy BABY in Halifax who sponsored this post. We only partner with businesses that we believe bring value and enjoyment to Halifax families. If you’d like to talk about working together, please contact us. As always, all opinions are our own.

The air was buzzing with excitement at the Halifax location of buybuy BABY (on Chain Lake Drive) a couple weeks ago as expecting parents lined up early to participate in the store’s first Baby Registry Celebration.

This event was a chance for the store to show their appreciation to their newest customers and for parents to get to know each other and have some fun celebrating their pregnancy.


Parenthood is the most incredible job, but it also has the biggest learning curve in the world. You can prepare all you want but, until you’re in the thick of things, you won’t know exactly what support you will need.

One thing that can help, however, is to find professionals in the industry that you trust before having your baby (cause who has the time and energy to research and meet with people after having a baby??).


On top of the fun activities they’d planned, buybuy BABY had smartly assembled that “team-in-waiting” for the expecting families to meet; top local professionals who could tackle many of those post-birth issues that most parents face.

The parents-to-be who attended this event were asking questions and making connections with the people they will need most after the baby is born and will have their information on hand to call for help if they need it.


Kylie Field of The Nurturing Touch was one of those in attendance. She is a postpartum doula, lactation consultant, and infant massage instructor; three services that many new parents go searching for very early on.


Stephanie Covey, certified sleep consultant with GoodNight SleepSite Nova Scotia was there as well offering support for those early (and beyond) sleepless nights. She has a ten month old baby right now herself so she can truly understand what new parents are going through!


The team from Bayer Westwood Family Resource Centre were on hand as well. Cynthia and Cheryl were sharing general parenting information about support services for parenting in the early years.



They were also giving demonstrations and answering questions about how to fit a car seat in a vehicle, and how to safely buckle a newborn into a car seat. This is something you’re going to want to learn before baby’s first car ride.

There was also a certified baby carrier consultant who helped make sense of all the baby carrier options and wraps available, and showed how to fit them to be sure they were on properly; and lots of team members from the buybuy BABY store itself who were able to answer questions about products that they carry.



And, of course there was entertainment for the new parents including a baby onesie decorating station, delicious cake, prizes to be won, and loads of opportunities for socializing with other new parents in the cozy glider section of the store.


I love that the team at buybuy BABY has become part of the community by connecting with so many wonderful local professionals. The store also offers regular sessions in store by many of these professionals for their customers to learn and build a community for local families making buybuy BABY a wonderful resource itself for new parents.

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