Top Baby Names in Nova Scotia for 2018

Image courtesy of sathyatripodi / PixabayImage courtesy of sathyatripodi / Pixabay

Image courtesy of sathyatripodi / Pixabay

It’s the most wonderful time of the year . . . for name nerds anyway. Vital Stats released the top baby names of the year in Nova Scotia today (yes, Vital Stats, I’m the one who has been refreshing your web page for the last two days)!

I’ve analysed the data in a completely unscientific manner and determined that it seems in order to give your child a unique name at school in Nova Scotia you should choose one of these most popular names. Confused? Yeah, me too, but here’s how I came to that conclusion from our own experience…

Remember last year’s list when I commented on how I didn’t want my kids’ names to be so common they were one of five in their class? Well my son started primary this year and, despite my best efforts at making sure neither of my children’s names were in the top twenty names (and his name STILL doesn’t rank in the top twenty), he’s actually one of two in his class with a third child who has a name that rhymes with his. So now all the kids at school say his first name automatically with the first letter of the last name as part of it. Sigh.

That being said, my daughter and I have been reading the Ramona Quimby series this year by Beverly Clearly and I had to laugh at a part. Ramona, as a kindergartener learning to write her name, was jealous that some children got to include an extra letter with a dot at the end of their names because there are more than one of them in the class so she starts to write her name as “Ramona Q.” to feel special.

It doesn’t seem to bother my son at all that there is more than one of his name at school, and he seems to like the “novelty” of having another kid with his name in his class. In fact, he even signs his cards to family with a “R.” at the end of his name.

Further to that, from the top five boy and girl names in his birth year there is only one of those names being used in his class.

I’m really not sure what to make of this information except it brings me to my earlier statement that perhaps to ensure your child has a unique name at school you should choose one in the top five? Maybe our experience is unique and the top names from your child’s birth year have dozens of the same in their class though. I’d love to hear about it!

Top Nova Scotia baby names of 2018

On to the top baby names in Nova Scotia for 2018, as reported by the Nova Scotia Registry of Vital Statistics on December 28, 2018.

There were very few changes from last year other than some slight shuffling around in where the names fall in the top twenty. Olivia and William still reign as the most popular names to give babies in our region overall.

Top Nova Scotia baby Girl Names of 2018

Of the 7930 babies born so far this year, there are four new girls names on the list including Isla, Mia, Anna, and Addison, which take the place of Claire, Avery, Chloe and Zoey.

Names ending in that “ah” sound are clearly very popular in our region for girls with half of the top names using it. Also interesting to note that despite historically-speaking Sophie was a nickname for Sophia, now Sophie and Sophia have earned two distinct entries. Also six names on the list have very similar sounds and have some connections through crossover, translation, or nickname roots: Ella, Ellie, Emma, Emily, Amelia, and Mia.

The baby girl name totals are as follows (with the number of children given that name, who were born in Nova Scotia, this past year in brackets):

Olivia (44), Sophia (42), Charlotte (38), Emma (38), Amelia (34), Ava (33), Isla (32), Abigail (31), Evelyn (29), Sadie (28), Sophie (28), Mia (27), Scarlett (27), Anna (26), Ella (24), Ellie (23), Hannah (23), Lilly (23), Addison (22), Emily (22).

Top Nova Scotia baby Boy Names of 2018

For the boys we see three classics, Henry, John, and Leo, new in the top twenty this year, bumping out Jaxon and Grayson from last year (note: last year’s list had twenty-one names listed, as Jaxon and Thomas tied for the twentieth most popular name).

I can’t help but notice the three “new” names on the list are very, very old names and also have very strong ties to the monarch. Could the wedding of Prince Harry (which is a nickname for Henry) have any influence in the popularity I wonder?

Interesting also that two of the boy names ending in “-on” didn’t make the list this year. This has been a trend for many years and t will be interesting to watch to see if those names are starting to become less popular, although Lincoln and Mason (along with similar ending name sounds Benjamin, Ethan, and Owen) are still staying strong.

The baby boy name totals are as follows (with the number of children given that name, who were born in Nova Scotia, this past year in brackets):

William (61), Benjamin (49), Hunter (41), Lincoln (40), Jack (38), Noah (37), Oliver (37), Logan (35), Owen (35), Ethan (34), Liam (34), Lucas (33), Mason (32), Emmett (31), James (30), Alexander (29), Henry (29), Thomas (29), John (28), Leo (25).

3 thoughts on “Top Baby Names in Nova Scotia for 2018

  1. Even though I am well past baby naming…I really enjoyed this. Interesting as well, that my 20 year old twins names (one boy-one girl) are still on the top lists of names. 🙂 My other daughter…Grace…nowhere to be found…which I find sort of surprising. Thanks for this Heidi. 🙂


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