Sackville Splash Pad

Sackville Splash PadSackville Splash Pad

If you haven’t been to this splash pad, what are you waiting for??

This opened up about four years ago and is always a huge hit every summer. It’s big, it’s got loads of variety in water features, and it even has a “gentler” section for a smaller, or more timid, kids.

Sackville Splash Pad ladybugSackville Splash Pad ladybug

On the “gentler” side there is a lady bug with sprayers.

Sackville Splash Pad pianoSackville Splash Pad piano

There’s also this cute ground piano with water jets, though I’ve never heard it make music other than from my kids lol


As you move into the “less gentle” side there are some arches to walk through with misting spray all around them.

Sackville Splash Pad Rainbow ArchSackville Splash Pad Rainbow Arch

This rainbow archway is a particular favourite with my kids!

Sackville Splash Pad sprayersSackville Splash Pad sprayers

And there are ground sprayers that go in random patterns and varying levels of intensity scattered all over the splash pad.

Sackville Splash PadSackville Splash Pad

Then you’re into the section that you’re going to leave soaked. There are a couple features with buckets that continually fill and dump out.

There are water guns you can shoot at each other, or unsuspecting passersby.

Sackville Splash Pad water gunsSackville Splash Pad water guns

There are a few picnic tables with shade around the splash pad, as well as a couple benches. There’s also a good grove of trees on one side so it’s not hard to find some shade to set up your towel station.

Sackville Kinsman playgroundSackville Kinsman playground

A port-a-potty is on site, as well as garbage cans. The splash pad is directly adjacent to First Lake (though check bacteria levels as it does get closed fairly regularly but the beach is nice and sandy for playing in), Sackville Kinsman playground (see above) and the First Lake Trails. We’ve been known to park at the Sucker Brook trail entrance and bike to the splash pad and playground on hot days and then bike back.

It has a rough cement surface so bare feet or water shoes work, maybe just bring band-aids too as one of our kids always seems to manage a wipe-out and scraped knee no matter what’s on their feet or how careful they are. With excitement, water, kids and running, it’s to be expected!


The Sackville Splash Pad is located at 71 First Lake Drive in Lower Sackville next to the Sackville Kinsman Playground and across from Sobey’s. There is a parking lot right off the road however be cautious as it’s fairly narrow so keep an eye out for other cars and children.

There is a set of stairs and a flat paved path down to the playground which makes it accessible to all mobility levels.

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