Top Baby Names in Nova Scotia for 2019

Image courtesy of Minnie Zhou / unsplashImage courtesy of Minnie Zhou / unsplash

Image courtesy of Minnie Zhou / unsplash

Did you have a baby this year? I know several people who did and I always love to hear what they named their little bundle. I love hearing why they chose the name they did – if there’s a special meaning, if there’s history to it or if they just loved how it sounded.

In 2018 I came to the conclusion that in order to give your child a unique name at school in Nova Scotia you should choose one of the most popular names. Read more about that here.

In 2017 I shared about why the position of a name on a popularity list may not accurately reflect it’s true popularity. Read more about that here.

This year I’ve accepted that your best bet is to ignore all the lists and go with your gut. Choose the name you love. If he or she is one of five in their class, that’s cool. My six-year-old son loves having a “popular” name that everyone knows and can spell (even though I thought I was five years past it being popular when we gave it to him). My eight-year-old daughter loves having a less common name with a French spelling that is not often seen in the Maritimes and she revels in the joy of spotting it spelled “her way.”

That being said, I still LOVE reading the popular name lists and seeing the trends – what names surprise me and which ones are there year after year.

If you’re looking for a locally inspired name for a baby on the way, please check out my list of 30 Nova Scotia inspired baby names.

Without further ado, here are the province’s most popular names for 2019.

2019 Top baby names in nova scotia

On to the top baby names in Nova Scotia for 2019, as reported by the Nova Scotia Registry of Vital Statistics on December 27. 2019. One note about the names, for the first time the Vital Stats folks didn’t split the name list up by boys and girls. I don’t know if it was intentional or not, but I kind of love it. In a world trying to be more cognisant of non-binary gender and gender fluidity I appreciate that the names are all together. I also know that all of the baby Charlies and Billies that I’ve met this year were girls so, as I said earlier, choose the name you love and traditional rules be damned.

That being said, in the interests of comparing stats to previous years I’ve split them into “traditional” boys and girls lists for now but there are several in the “boys” list that are also becoming more common in the “girls” list, such as Emmett, Logan and Wyatt.

There are a few big changes from last year including the top two. Out of the 7,433 babies born as of December 27, Charlotte and Jack have bumped Olivia and William out of the top spot to take the title of the most popular names to give babies in our region overall.

Top Nova Scotia baby Girl Names of 2019

There are three new girls names on the list including Violet, Nora and Lucy, saying good-bye to Addison, Anna, Mia, Ellie, Hannah, Emily and Evelyn.

The baby girl name totals are as follows (with the number of children given that name, who were born in Nova Scotia, this past year in brackets):

Charlotte (55), Olivia (46), Amelia (43), Emma (40), Abigail (33), Violet (32), Isla (31), Ava (30), Sadie (29), Ella (28), Isabella (28), Sophie (28), Lily (27), Scarlett (27), Sophia (27), Ivy (24), Claire (23), Chloe (22), Nora (22), Lucy (21)

Top Nova Scotia baby Boy Names of 2019

New names on the list this year are Levi, Wyatt, Hudson, Jackson, Grayson and Samuel and names that have left the list include John, Hunter, Mason, Alexander, Thomas and Leo.

The baby boy name totals are as follows (with the number of children given that name, who were born in Nova Scotia, this past year in brackets):

Jack (51), Owen (51), Noah (47), Benjamin (46), Liam (44), Oliver (43), William (39), Levi (36), Ethan (35), Henry (35), Wyatt (34), Emmett (33), Hudson (33), Lucas (33), Lincoln (32), Jackson (30), Grayson (29), James (27), Logan (27), Samuel (27).

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