I choo choo choo-se you!

Both the kids have really been into trains lately. We live near train tracks so they regularly hear the whistle in the distance and occasionally get stopped at a crossing to wait – and watch – while the train chugs by. Their little cousin has been all about Thomas the Tank Engine for the lastContinue reading “I choo choo choo-se you!”

Little Blue Truck Goop

Little Blue Truck is a favourite in our house and this activity that recreates the big scene where the big dump truck get stuck is always a hit – no matter how old the kids get! Goop is a really cool concoction of cornstarch and water that seems to defy the laws of physics. It looks like liquid but you can pick it up and make it into a ball, which then turns back to liquid.

Baby Teeth

When a baby gets that first tooth it’s an exciting milestone. It’s part of a parent’s role to help their child establish good oral health care from the start but there can be a lot of conflicting information online about the best way to do this and when to start. Dr. Ross Anderson, Chief of Dentistry at the IWK Health Centre and Head of the Division of Paediatric Dentistry at Dalhousie University, says that dental care begins “as soon as the first tooth erupts.”

Easy Preschool Art Activity Inspired by Mix it Up!

Doesn’t it seem like every time you carefully choose gifts for your children, something that seems completely random ends up being the big winner (like the bubble wrap in a box for Mr. M). My parents got the children a book called “Mix it Up!” by Hervé Tullet. We were all completely charmed by theContinue reading “Easy Preschool Art Activity Inspired by Mix it Up!”

Look Ma! No Pedals!

Spring weather is – hopefully! – just around the corner and that means many children across Halifax will soon be learning how to ride a bike for the first time. Training wheels have long been a popular choice when introducing children to cycling, but balance bikes have recently come into favour with some local parents who believe they’re not only safer for children, but that they can help children to become better cyclists at a younger age.

B is for Birds: A Word Recognition Activity and 2-Ingredient, No-Cook Bird Treat

It feels like we’ve been stuck in an endless winter here in Nova Scotia. We’ve been getting hit with snowstorm after snowstorm and, as a result, many of us have crawled into our little house cocoons and are just crossing days off the calendar until spring. Outside our living room window we keep a coupleContinue reading “B is for Birds: A Word Recognition Activity and 2-Ingredient, No-Cook Bird Treat”

How to Update a Dresser from 1975 to 2015

I’ve always been a sucker for makeovers. I love the before and after and the potential for a huge change with just a bit of work! This is probably what keeps me trying out new DIY projects – always looking for that big reveal. Unfortunately my arts and crafts skills peaked around age five. ThisContinue reading “How to Update a Dresser from 1975 to 2015”

That’S’no Regular Ice Cream: Snow Ice Cream for Kids (and Grown-Ups)

Has anyone made snow ice cream? When I was a kid I remember whenever we’d get a fresh snowfall my Mom would go out first thing in the morning and scoop some up in a bowl before any kids or dogs could “get” to it (no one wants yellow snow ice cream, amiright?); then later thatContinue reading “That’S’no Regular Ice Cream: Snow Ice Cream for Kids (and Grown-Ups)”

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