Top Itsy Bitsy Haligonians Posts of 2017

This has been a busy year at Itsy Bitsy Haligonians headquarters and I’ve loved interacting with all of you. I’m pretty sure I have the nicest readers ever, you’re all so kind and respectful in your comments and feedback. It’s appreciated so much!

I’ve got some big plans for 2018 and, after reviewing my top posts of 2017, I think I’m on the right track. If there’s something you’d like to see covered though, I always love to hear your ideas and feedback. I’d like to wish you all a very happy new year and it’s been a pleasure to spend 2017 with you.

Shubie Park in Dartmouth

Our pick for this week’s Family Fun adventure is Shubie Park. Forty acres of forest filled with winding trails, local wildlife, charming bridges, a sandy beach, and a fascinating locks and canal system makes up Shubie Park in Dartmouth and it is a guaranteed hit with our family.

How to Host A Book Club for Little Kids (aka How Do I Host a Book Club WITHOUT wine?)

We’re super excited to announce the most adorable new feature here at Itsy Bitsy Haligonians for all the little book lovers in your life: the Itsy Bitsy Nimbus Book Club!

8 Halifax Activities for Toddlers & Preschoolers

This list goes beyond the common programs that most kids are signed up for, like soccer and dance, and provides something a little out of the ordinary, offered right in the Halifax region, to consider exposing your kids to.

How to Make a Frozen Treat Wreath for Birds

Each year we like to leave some treats out for the birds and others critters that live in the woods around our house. We see lots of varieties of birds as well as pheasants, foxes, squirrels, raccoons, rabbits, and the occasional deer or two. This year we decided to make an ice wreath as it was something the little ones could get involved with creating.

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