Sport Specializing vs. Sport Sampling

This article was originally published in Family Matters magazine and has been republished here with their permission. We’ve all heard the Sidney Crosby story; his parents knew at a young age that he was destined for greatness. Now parents watch all practices extra carefully to try to figure out when their child should specialize inContinue reading “Sport Specializing vs. Sport Sampling”

If One More Person Tells Me It Goes By Way Too Fast…

If one more person tells me it goes by way too fast…I may finally have to agree with them. I may even (gasp!) say it to someone else. Because I get it. I mean, I always got it, I think, but it’s not until this past year when my daughter turned 4 and I suddenly realized she was now a card-carrying “kid”, not a toddler; and my son went from 1 to 2, and everyone started saying he looked like a little boy, no longer a baby; it was not until these things happened that I first wanted to hold onto time a little longer…

A-Camping We Will Go!

When my husband and I got married we chose (chose) to go camping for our honeymoon. We grabbed our tent and gear and headed off into Keji in early June for a little getaway. I remember long lazy days of bike rides, kayak trips, and reading a book in the sunshine. Fast forward a fewContinue reading “A-Camping We Will Go!”

Bubble Wrapped Kids

f you ask children in Halifax about the play features at the waterfront, such as the submarine playground and the bouncy whales, there is likely one that stands out for every child who visits: the Wave.

Two summers ago #WaveDad made national headlines when his child climbed the piece of public art and toppled over the other side, garnering a collection of injuries that landed him in the IWK. The father launched a petition to put a rail around the top of the wave, or build a slide down the other side for a safer landing. …

Container Gardens and Car Washes

I think it’s finally safe to say the overnight frost is gone for this season and we can start our summer garden! We have various foliage around the house that came with it (and that my husband tends to) but I like having a little vegetable garden myself. Since we have a wooded area behindContinue reading “Container Gardens and Car Washes”

Happy Mother’s Day AKA Baby’s First Stitches

My first attempt to celebrate my Mother’s Day was done the Saturday before the actual day and, because irony loves me, I ended up in the ER with Miss M after a playground accident while in the midst of writing two articles about kids and play. One was about the benefits of playgrounds, including safety tips; the other about parents who are overprotecting their kids in play. In my defence, it was really a completely unavoidable accident. Well, mostly unavoidable, except that I kind of foreshadowed it.

I choo choo choo-se you!

Both the kids have really been into trains lately. We live near train tracks so they regularly hear the whistle in the distance and occasionally get stopped at a crossing to wait – and watch – while the train chugs by. Their little cousin has been all about Thomas the Tank Engine for the lastContinue reading “I choo choo choo-se you!”

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