Sackville Splash Pad

If you haven’t been to this splash pad, what are you waiting for?? This location opened up about four years ago and is always a huge hit every summer. It’s big, it’s got loads of variety in water features, and it even has a “gentler” section for a smaller, or more timid, kids.

Dartmouth Kid Spotlight on Clara Parker: Canadian Girls Baseball League

Clara Parker, seven years old, from Dartmouth, is gearing up for her second summer playing with The Canadian Girls Baseball League (formerly the Nova Scotia Girls Baseball League). We’ve got a profile on this little slugger and why she loves the program so much. Pssst…until March 31 get your code in the blog post for a 10% discount for each child you register!

First Fairy Door Trail Opens in Halifax

Have you ever been out on a walk in the woods and stumbled upon a tiny fairy house or door? We have once or twice and it was such a fun surprise! Some members of a Spryfield forest school took it one step further and created the very first dedicated fairy door trail in the city. Imagine the magic and fairy dust swirling around this little metropolis!

DJ Butler Playground in Rockingham

Without fail, whenever I ask for everyone to share their favourite playground on social media I can be sure someone will mention DJ Butler Playground in Rockingham. I’ve driven by this spot a thousand times when I worked at MSVU, but I have never been here. Read about my first impression and how it changed after spending some time in the space.

Ladybug & Bumblebee Tic Tac Toe

I posted last year about our attempt to makeover our backyard into a more natural play space and we’ve been working slowly and steadily on it since. Once idea I’d seen on Pinterest was a tic tac toe game using rocks so an a day trip recently we stopped by a beach and collected some smooth round rocks to do a Pinterest Test Drive to see if it worked as well as it appeared to online. Here is the process and our verdict on if it was a Pinterest Win or Fail…

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