Our 6 Back-To-School Essentials…Beyond The Supply List

We’re only one year into this whole “big school” adventure but we’ve found a few items beyond the specific required items on the supply list that make a big difference in making your life easier and making your kids’ life easier. Plus this is where you get to have a little fun in choosing colours and brands that you and your child like!

Swirls:Nut-Free Baking: Mompreneur Profile

Tara Byrne is the owner of Swirls Nut-Free Baking in Fall River, Nova Scotia, She is mom to three kids, a preschool teacher, and a baker. She started Swirls: Nut-Free Baking in 2015 and her popularity has been growing steadily as more and more kids (and adults) taste her yummy and beautiful creations and want her to provide cupcakes or a cake at their party that all guests can enjoy safely, whether they have allergies or not.

All Hail Loose Parts: Guest Post by Alex Smith of Playgroundology

Our guest blogger today is Alex Smith, the founder of the CanadaPlays Association and the award winning blog PlayGroundology. Alex has been working with a small team of volunteers over the last 3 months to prepare Pop-Up Adventure Play’s visit to Halifax.

‘Loose parts’ skirt the edges of nirvana. Ask any kid. Now they probably won’t call them ‘loose parts’. They’re more likely to use the generic and all encompassing ‘stuff’ prefaced by cool, awesome, or great. It might even go the way of ‘this stuff is epic’.

Wood, rope, tarps, tires, milk crates, cardboard boxes, fabrics. PVC pipes, pallets and all manner of scrap materials can make up a loose parts inventory. Kids take them and create. They build up and pull down. They improvise, they move, groove and PLAY!

I’m Failing at the Family Dinner

It seems the common understanding amongst professionals now is that whether or not your whole family sits down to dinner together once a day is the benchmark for how functional your family is. Whether or not it’s true that’s eating together is an essential element of family functionality, it’s still something I want that for my family.I feel it’s important. It’s something my husband and I talked about and agreed was a value we wanted to incorporate into our daily lives. The reality is somewhat different though…

Learning How To Take Time For Myself

When I tell people I’m a stay-at-home parent who also works from home as a writer and blogger, I often get that faraway dreamy gaze that seems to suggest I’ve reached the Top Level of the Parenting Game for managing to do what many parents dream of doing while on mat leave: figuring out a way to stay at home with the kids and make money.

Unfortunately, it’s not always quite as idyllic as it sounds.

Don’t get me wrong, I count my blessings (along with my hats) every single day. But that doesn’t mean it’s not a challenge. And, while I’m busy trying to keep track of everyone else’s needs, my own needs often keep getting pushed further and further down the priority list…

9 Hacks To Make Clean-Up Time Fun For Kids

I’m doing it. I’m taking you behind the preschool/daycare teacher curtain today and letting you know how they always manage to get your child to clean up a huge classroom without complaint when, at home, they can never put a single thing away.

Ask The Expert: Family Speech and Language Services

Are you struggling to understand your child and concerned that his or her language is not developing at the pace it should be? Wondering at what age they should be able to pronounce certain sounds? You sent your questions and our expert, Natalie Corbett Sampson, Speech Language Pathologist at the Family Development Centre, responded in this month’s Ask The Expert post.

Let Them Colour Outside the Lines

The internet is stuffed full of easy crafts for kids with instructions and an image of the perfect final product but should that final product really be the end goal? What if your child has a completely different vision and wants to take that carefully planned out craft into the complete unknown, adorable googly eyes be damned. Should you let them go wild or teach them to follow the directions? I was recently faced with this very dilemma…

HelloFresh Meal Delivery Service Expands to Halifax

When I heard about HelloFresh expanding to Halifax I was SUPER excited. Like telling all my friends: “GUYS, they deliver all the ingredients right to your DOOR. NO grocery store, NO wasted food!” It seemed too good to be true and that was the reaction of most of my friends. So I decided to test it out for you (I know, I’m a giver. It was all for you guys).

Five Easy Slow Cooker Meals To Save The Day

I asked some local bloggers for their best slow cooker meals and they didn’t disappoint. We’ve been working our way through the list and they’ve all been fantastic so far. Bookmark this post so you have plenty of family-friendly options to make you look like a rock star at dinner time too.

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