Bubble Wrapped Kids

f you ask children in Halifax about the play features at the waterfront, such as the submarine playground and the bouncy whales, there is likely one that stands out for every child who visits: the Wave.

Two summers ago #WaveDad made national headlines when his child climbed the piece of public art and toppled over the other side, garnering a collection of injuries that landed him in the IWK. The father launched a petition to put a rail around the top of the wave, or build a slide down the other side for a safer landing. …

Happy Mother’s Day AKA Baby’s First Stitches

My first attempt to celebrate my Mother’s Day was done the Saturday before the actual day and, because irony loves me, I ended up in the ER with Miss M after a playground accident while in the midst of writing two articles about kids and play. One was about the benefits of playgrounds, including safety tips; the other about parents who are overprotecting their kids in play. In my defence, it was really a completely unavoidable accident. Well, mostly unavoidable, except that I kind of foreshadowed it.

Baby Teeth

When a baby gets that first tooth it’s an exciting milestone. It’s part of a parent’s role to help their child establish good oral health care from the start but there can be a lot of conflicting information online about the best way to do this and when to start. Dr. Ross Anderson, Chief of Dentistry at the IWK Health Centre and Head of the Division of Paediatric Dentistry at Dalhousie University, says that dental care begins “as soon as the first tooth erupts.”

Look Ma! No Pedals!

Spring weather is – hopefully! – just around the corner and that means many children across Halifax will soon be learning how to ride a bike for the first time. Training wheels have long been a popular choice when introducing children to cycling, but balance bikes have recently come into favour with some local parents who believe they’re not only safer for children, but that they can help children to become better cyclists at a younger age.

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