McDonald Sports Park in Waverley

I USED to be very outdoorsy. Then I had two kids within two years and a “hike” turned into a slow walk pushing a stroller and waiting for a toddler to pick up yet another rock. Sound familiar? My first venture out alone in the woods was to a family favourite, McDonald Sports Park in Waverley.

Wine and Pancakes: Cooking with Kids

I recently found out that my four year old daughter knows how to make pancake batter (from scratch) by herself. She knows the ingredients she needs, the measuring tools to gather and what order everything goes in the bowl. She learned how to do it at her grandparents’ house.

After hearing about this my mind immediately jumped to an image of myself relaxing with a glass of wine while my two kids whip up dinner. I reached out to Wendy MacCallum, a Halifax nutrition consultant and author of two cookbooks for families, to see if she had any tips on how soon this fantasy could become a reality. 

The Stranger Danger Conversation

In January 2016 there were two reported incidents of children in the HRM being approached by strangers on their way to school. These alarming events reminded many parents that teaching children about “stranger danger” is something that needs to happen on an ongoing basis, however many parents aren’t sure how to effectively have that conversation.

Who wants better sleep? I do! I do!

Sleep is the holy grail of parenting. It bonds new parents together as they wearily commiserate about their lack of it; and pulls couples apart during yet another 2:00 a.m. argument over “whose turn it is.” But what happens after those newborn years when a good night’s sleep is still elusive? What do parents do when their two year old, or even ten year old, is still not sleeping well?

Sport Specializing vs. Sport Sampling

This article was originally published in Family Matters magazine and has been republished here with their permission. We’ve all heard the Sidney Crosby story; his parents knew at a young age that he was destined for greatness. Now parents watch all practices extra carefully to try to figure out when their child should specialize inContinue reading “Sport Specializing vs. Sport Sampling”

Social Media Helps Parents Stay Connected

This article was originally published in Family Matters magazine and has been republished here with their permission. I’d hazard a guess that the wee hours of the morning is one of the most active times on social media for new parents. I’ve personally spent many hours in a darkened room feeding, changing, or soothing myContinue reading “Social Media Helps Parents Stay Connected”

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