Family Bike Ride: Salt Marsh & Atlantic View Trails

This route is one of the prettiest trails in the HRM, in my opinion, boasting stunning ocean views, shady treed areas and even a farm at one point. It’s the eastern shore rolled up into one gorgeous package with a saltwater bow on top.

Cycling Through Sackville Lakes

I’ve just spent two days travelling with my husband and children, sitting in a car for hours on end, which is a great motivator for me to go play in the woods. I need some time to recharge so I’ve decided to bike the 15-kilometre round trip trail system within the 700-acre Sackville Lakes Provincial Park (better known as First and Second Lake Trails).

Look Ma! No Pedals!

Spring weather is – hopefully! – just around the corner and that means many children across Halifax will soon be learning how to ride a bike for the first time. Training wheels have long been a popular choice when introducing children to cycling, but balance bikes have recently come into favour with some local parents who believe they’re not only safer for children, but that they can help children to become better cyclists at a younger age.

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