Shell Scramble Easter Activity

This matching egg game is perfect for Easter and into spring and it has multiple levels of learning in it, but they’ll never know! Colour identification, fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, patterns, counting and matching are all at work here. Bonus: Makes an awesome quiet time activity!

Pine Cone Animal Treats

No matter where you live in Halifax, you’re never far away from trees and wildlife. Behind our house is a greenbelt filled with trees, and not far away is a park so we are blessed to live in an area abundant with wildlife. The morning after the first big snowfall this year we saw deer tracksContinue reading “Pine Cone Animal Treats”

How to Make a Frozen Treat Wreath for Birds

Each year we like to leave some treats out for the birds and others critters that live in the woods around our house. We see lots of varieties of birds as well as pheasants, foxes, squirrels, raccoons, rabbits, and the occasional deer or two. This year we decided to make an ice wreath as it was something the little ones could get involved with creating.

B is for Birds: A Word Recognition Activity and 2-Ingredient, No-Cook Bird Treat

It feels like we’ve been stuck in an endless winter here in Nova Scotia. We’ve been getting hit with snowstorm after snowstorm and, as a result, many of us have crawled into our little house cocoons and are just crossing days off the calendar until spring. Outside our living room window we keep a coupleContinue reading “B is for Birds: A Word Recognition Activity and 2-Ingredient, No-Cook Bird Treat”

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