Monster Jam Comes to Halifax: 6 Tips You Need to Know Before You Go


Monster Jam 2018 is coming to Halifax July 7 and 8 and we’ve rounded up the top tips you need to know before you go, AND we’re giving away a family pack of four tickets to the July 7, 1 pm show! Read on for all the details…

6 Road Trip Dos and Don’ts with Little Kids

We went on our first major family road trip vacation this summer and the kids did way better than we thought – in fact, not once did we pull over and threaten to turn the car around! Based on our experience, here are our top dos and don’ts for road tripping with little kids.

Name Wall Art with Cars

Now that Mr M’s interests are showing themselves more I’ve been starting to transition his room from his pond themed nursery to reflect what he truly loves – cars. Well, anything that moves really, but especially things that move on wheels. He’ll be two in a couple months and has been in love with carsContinue reading “Name Wall Art with Cars”

Container Gardens and Car Washes

I think it’s finally safe to say the overnight frost is gone for this season and we can start our summer garden! We have various foliage around the house that came with it (and that my husband tends to) but I like having a little vegetable garden myself. Since we have a wooded area behindContinue reading “Container Gardens and Car Washes”

Little Blue Truck Goop

Little Blue Truck is a favourite in our house and this activity that recreates the big scene where the big dump truck get stuck is always a hit – no matter how old the kids get! Goop is a really cool concoction of cornstarch and water that seems to defy the laws of physics. It looks like liquid but you can pick it up and make it into a ball, which then turns back to liquid.

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