From the Kitchen to the CEO: Halifax Mom Patty Howard

When Patty Howard started her own catering company during her maternity leave eleven years ago, she expected it to be a part-time business where she would cater a couple of events a month.

Instead, as she says, things “blew up” within the first year.

“The wave came and I had to decide, am I going to ride this wave and see where this goes or am I going to say ‘oh no’ and back off?” she says. “I decided to ride the wave.”

Halifax’s Christmas and Holiday Parades 2018

Part of the magic of the holiday season is that moment when your family is perched shivering on a curb, waiting eagerly for Santa to go by on his float, and then finally seeing that sleigh and red suited man coming into view! Luckily in the Halifax region we have several chances to make that magic happen for your family.

Dartmouth Crossing’s Go Wild Playground

The Dartmouth Crossing playground is such a clever idea. It can either be a motivator for kids to be patient during the shopping so they can play here after, or a spot for one parent to take the kids while the other parent does the shopping (I see a LOT of dads and kids here hmmmm). The theme of the playground is “Go Wild” and it’s designed like it’s in the wild with a climbing tree, a boat styled swing and photo props.

Lower Base Shearwater Playground

This playground is CHOCKFUL of super duper fun stuff and I guarantee your kids will run wildly onto it and do about three laps before they can even figure out where to start. It’s not super huge in actual space but the designers were so smart with the pieces and layout that you can get a lot of kids and a lot of fun in this space.

Bunchberry Lane Park: Playground Review

Bunchberry Lane Park in Spider Lake subdivision in Waveley was installed almost two years ago thanks to the community rallying together and lobbying for a safe, fun outdoor place for kids to play. I love these stories and I was eager to check out what the result was. I’ve got a full review with photos and a list of amenities in this post.

Halifax’s Christmas and Holiday Parades 2017

A local Christmas/Holiday parade always feels like the catalyst that kicks off the season and we have several in the Halifax region to enjoy. I’ve gathered up all the information I could find on the ones in the HRM this year for this post.

Shubie Park in Dartmouth

Our pick for this week’s Family Fun adventure is Shubie Park. Forty acres of forest filled with winding trails, local wildlife, charming bridges, a sandy beach, and a fascinating locks and canal system makes up Shubie Park in Dartmouth and it is a guaranteed hit with our family.

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