Ladybug & Bumblebee Tic Tac Toe

I posted last year about our attempt to makeover our backyard into a more natural play space and we’ve been working slowly and steadily on it since. Once idea I’d seen on Pinterest was a tic tac toe game using rocks so an a day trip recently we stopped by a beach and collected some smooth round rocks to do a Pinterest Test Drive to see if it worked as well as it appeared to online. Here is the process and our verdict on if it was a Pinterest Win or Fail…

Organizing Stuffed Animals

I love pinning ideas for things to do with my kids, organizing our home, and meal ideas (don’t we all?). I realized recently, though, that I was not actually TRYING many of these ideas so I’ve decided to do some test drives on my pins to see how well they really work.

My daughter’s stuffed animal situation is out of control so I decided to start with figuring out how to wrangle them. I’ve tried some of my own ideas in the past but her beloved collection has outgrown all of my efforts…

Dresser Upcycling, Take Two

It’s a classic case of second child syndrome. Miss M had a darling nursery and, when we moved house when she was almost two, I spent ages designing the perfect little girl room for her to grow up in. Mr M got a sweet frog pond themed nursery for himself, but around age one IContinue reading “Dresser Upcycling, Take Two”

Simple Curtain Tie-Backs Hack

Both of my kids have those room darkening curtains which work great at night-time. In the daytime, however, I find because they’re so snug, they’re hard to slide along the curtain rod to open them straight across. I decided tie-backs would work better than inching them open each morning, and then inching them closed atContinue reading “Simple Curtain Tie-Backs Hack”

Name Wall Art with Cars

Now that Mr M’s interests are showing themselves more I’ve been starting to transition his room from his pond themed nursery to reflect what he truly loves – cars. Well, anything that moves really, but especially things that move on wheels. He’ll be two in a couple months and has been in love with carsContinue reading “Name Wall Art with Cars”

Father’s Day DIY BBQ Apron

The kids helped make their Daddy his very own barbecue apron for Father’s Day a few years ago. I do most of cooking around here but he’s the king of the grill so we thought we ought to get him some decent attire for the job. This craft was super easy and our daughter still lights up with pride whenever he wears it.

How to customize a child’s table and chair set

Last summer I came across a scuffed up wooden table at a secondhand shop for just a few dollars so I grabbed it, not really having a plan but hoping something would come to me. 

I decided to make a table and chair set for Miss M’s room for her tea parties, using a Dollar Store chair I’d bought the previous summer. We had recently got a cheerful striped rug for her room and I used that for my inspiration.

How to Update a Dresser from 1975 to 2015

I’ve always been a sucker for makeovers. I love the before and after and the potential for a huge change with just a bit of work! This is probably what keeps me trying out new DIY projects – always looking for that big reveal. Unfortunately my arts and crafts skills peaked around age five. ThisContinue reading “How to Update a Dresser from 1975 to 2015”

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