Seven Tips to Make the Most of a Kentville Pumpkin People Day Trip from Halifax

I’m pretty sure as Haligonians we are required to make an annual fall pilgrimage to the Annapolis Valley to a) pick apples, b) go to a corn maze, c) pick a pumpkin, or e) see the Pumpkin People. We have our top seven tips to make the most of this fun fall festival.

Riverbreeze Corn Maze (without the maze)

Corn mazes are the stuff of nightmares for me. Put one directionally-challenged person in a place that is DESIGNED to get you lost and, well, let’s just say it’s likely I’d never been seen or heard from again. Luckily the Riverbreeze Corn Maze in Truro has lots of other activities for people who are too scared to try a corn maze…

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