The Story Behind the IWK 5K: In Memory of Jessica

This annual community event is more than a really fun fundraiser for the IWK, it’s a way for one family to heal and give back, and for other families to find support and share their stories. Jennifer Manuel, the organizer and Jessica’s mother, shared the story of the origin of the event with us and how you and your family can help give back too.

The Langille Family | Jollimore

Paula and Chris Langille moved to Halifax for university and ended up staying here to raise their families as Haligonians: “I hope their values of kindness, politeness and of giving back to their community – whether helping a friend or neighbour or more in an organized format become a part of their being. I hope that being a Haligonian, for them, elicits a positive, fun image of who they are and what this city offers.”

The Turlo Family | Fall River

“”I remember being outside until the sun set and it being totally normal,” she says. “We wanted the same for our children.” The Turlo Family shares why they chose to move back from Halifax, when they were living in Toronto, to raise their young family.

The Raising Haligonians series profiles several families across the Halifax Regional Municipality and delves into what they love about about this region and why they’re choosing to raise their families here.

Raising Haligonians | My Family

Why did you choose to raise your family here? To me, being a Haligonian means raising people who respect and care about our neighbours, who have a special love for the land and nature, and who will always have salt water running through their veins as residents of Canada’s Ocean Playground.

All About My Grandmother Project: Itsy Bitsy Nimbus Book Club


The book My Two Grandmothers, published by Nimbus Publishing, tells the tale of two grandmas who are unique from each other in almost every way. One grandmother is Acadian, the other is Scottish; their traditions are different, their grandparenting style is different, even the words they use to describe things are different. One thing about them is exactly the same, however, and that is the love for their grandchildren.

Reading this book will naturally lead to conversations about your child’s grandmother – noticing similarities with one of the grandmothers in the book, or noticing a big difference between them. Use these discussions to set up the book extension activity (and free printable you can download!) that we’ve created for My Two Grandmothers.

7 Ways To Celebrate Family Literacy Day in Halifax

Family Literacy Day is January 27 and we are getting ready to party like only bookworms can! There aren’t a lot of “official” celebrations in the city but we have come up with seven very Haligonian ways to encourage family literacy.

Five Halifax Family Christmas Traditions

I know, I know. I’m the same person who wrote about my problem hoarding traditions but I do still have plenty of favourites and, yes, I still add a new one here and there…I’m a work in progress!

Of course we get to our share of holiday parades, Christmas tree lightings, and Santa visits…but, that being said, I’ve been trying to focus on the traditions that are most important to our family and connect us to the community we choose to live our lives in, and so I’ve rounded up five of our favourite Maritime family traditions.

This post is part of a #MaritimeChristmas blog hop with some other local family bloggers.

Shubie Park in Dartmouth

Our pick for this week’s Family Fun adventure is Shubie Park. Forty acres of forest filled with winding trails, local wildlife, charming bridges, a sandy beach, and a fascinating locks and canal system makes up Shubie Park in Dartmouth and it is a guaranteed hit with our family.

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