How Does a Parent Prepare for Grade Primary?

I’ve been preparing to let go the only way I know how. It’s the same way I prepared in those final weeks of pregnancy, through nesting. I’ve been baking and cooking every spare minute, but instead of making family size portions, I’ve been freezing them in single size portion for her lunches.

I’ve been organizing and sorting out drawers and supplies, but instead of folding onesies and teeny socks, I’ve been filling her backpack with freshly sharpened pencils and glue sticks, and helping her pick out just the right indoor sneakers.

Let Them Colour Outside the Lines

The internet is stuffed full of easy crafts for kids with instructions and an image of the perfect final product but should that final product really be the end goal? What if your child has a completely different vision and wants to take that carefully planned out craft into the complete unknown, adorable googly eyes be damned. Should you let them go wild or teach them to follow the directions? I was recently faced with this very dilemma…

Hello, My Name Is…(or when my child started school and changed her name)

Miss M started asking about nicknames and how they work. She asked if she could ask other people to call her by her nickname and I said what I’m supposed to say, that, of course, she could. But I didn’t really think she’d actually change her name…

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