FREE Summer Swimming Lessons for Halifax Kids

This article was originally published in the Chronicle Herald’s weekly community papers and has been republished here with their permission. I was that parent who had her child in swimming lessons at three months old. Obviously I knew she wasn’t actually going to learn how to swim as a newborn but I felt very stronglyContinue reading “FREE Summer Swimming Lessons for Halifax Kids”

Five Last Minute Halifax Outings for Families

Here are 5 year-round fantastic Halifax (Hali-tastic…is that a thing? If not it should be!) outings to keep in your pocket for an instant adventures – no advance planning required!

Trick or Tot: Five Hali-ween Activities for Itsy Bitsy Haligonians

Truth time: personally, I never liked Halloween. I mean, the candy part is awesome; the dressing up part, not so much…but little kids in costumes? ADORBS.  I’ve embraced Halloween since becoming a parent and, despite having September babies, they have both had costumes every year since they were born. Last year they went as MickeyContinue reading “Trick or Tot: Five Hali-ween Activities for Itsy Bitsy Haligonians”

I choo choo choo-se you!

Both the kids have really been into trains lately. We live near train tracks so they regularly hear the whistle in the distance and occasionally get stopped at a crossing to wait – and watch – while the train chugs by. Their little cousin has been all about Thomas the Tank Engine for the lastContinue reading “I choo choo choo-se you!”

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