Shell Scramble Easter Activity

This matching egg game is perfect for Easter and into spring and it has multiple levels of learning in it, but they’ll never know! Colour identification, fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, patterns, counting and matching are all at work here. Bonus: Makes an awesome quiet time activity!

Name Egg Puzzle: Easter Activity

Trying to teach your toddler or young preschooler how to spell their name? Yeah, that can be challenging, especially if their name has more than three or four letters *guilty as charged.* I came up with this fun egg puzzle to help my kids learn how to spell their names. All you’ll need are some plastic Easter eggs, an empty egg carton, permanent marker, scissors and tape.

How To Celebrate New Year’s Eve with Tots

My kids have a pretty firm 7:15 bedtime that sees them asleep by 8:00 at the latest so *HELL, NO* we’re not keeping the kids up till midnight on New Year’s Eve. For now we make New Year’s Eve a special celebration that ends at their regular bedtime. Here are some of our favourite ways to celebrate New Year’s Eve with little kids who need to be asleep MUCH earlier than midnight.

Confessions of a Christmas Tradition Hoarder

I scroll through my social feeds and see all these “great ideas” and keep adding tradition after tradition to our life in order to feel like I’m giving my kids the best holiday I can…Kindness Advent Calendar? Right on! Make a new Christmas ornament with the kids each year? Oh yeah. Find matching Christmas jammies for the whole family? Sign me up! And YES to ALL THE REINDEER COOKIES!

Trick or Tot: Five Hali-ween Activities for Itsy Bitsy Haligonians

Truth time: personally, I never liked Halloween. I mean, the candy part is awesome; the dressing up part, not so much…but little kids in costumes? ADORBS.  I’ve embraced Halloween since becoming a parent and, despite having September babies, they have both had costumes every year since they were born. Last year they went as MickeyContinue reading “Trick or Tot: Five Hali-ween Activities for Itsy Bitsy Haligonians”

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