Family SOS in Halifax Offers Free Programs for Local Families

Raising a family is one of the most important jobs you will ever do, but it’s also one of the hardest! Luckily in Halifax we are home to an incredible local organization called Family SOS. They are there to help support all local families during their journeys AND they also run some pretty cool activities for kids and youth – and it’s all free! Today we shine a spotlight on this organization and some of the amazing programs they offer to help local families.

Nova Scotia Children’s Fashion Guide Featuring Seven Local Makers

Did you know there are businesses in Nova Scotia who create gorgeous clothes out of beaitiful soft organic fabrics, design completely recyclable clothing (FROM recycled content), make apparel that adjusts for your kids getting bigger, share their proceeds to feed the less fortunate around the world, and build knee pads right into their cute pants for busy kids? I was thrilled to discover so many innovative and eco-conscious – yet still stylish – apparel for kids being developed right here in our home province.

I’ve loved working on this guide and learning about all of these businesses and I am excited to share seven of them with you today. 

13 Halifax Family Resource Centres

If you’re feeling the need to connect with other parents in person, or you need a little extra support or advice, resource centres are a valuable option in our community. The Greater Halifax region is lucky to have at least thirteen fantastic organizations that provide low cost, and often free, programming, and many have a focus on families with young children. Have you visited any of these centres?

Ask The Expert: BabySleepRight

I met with a sleep expert, Luanne Bruneau of BabySleepRight, on your behalf to have her review your questions and provide some advice. She tackled your questions about a newborn, a one year old and a toddler below with information that will be valuable to many parents dealing with the same issues.

FREE Summer Swimming Lessons for Halifax Kids

This article was originally published in the Chronicle Herald’s weekly community papers and has been republished here with their permission. I was that parent who had her child in swimming lessons at three months old. Obviously I knew she wasn’t actually going to learn how to swim as a newborn but I felt very stronglyContinue reading “FREE Summer Swimming Lessons for Halifax Kids”

8 Halifax Activities for Toddlers & Preschoolers

This list goes beyond the common programs that most kids are signed up for, like soccer and dance, and provides something a little out of the ordinary, offered right in the Halifax region, to consider exposing your kids to.

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