All Hail Loose Parts: Guest Post by Alex Smith of Playgroundology

Our guest blogger today is Alex Smith, the founder of the CanadaPlays Association and the award winning blog PlayGroundology. Alex has been working with a small team of volunteers over the last 3 months to prepare Pop-Up Adventure Play’s visit to Halifax.

‘Loose parts’ skirt the edges of nirvana. Ask any kid. Now they probably won’t call them ‘loose parts’. They’re more likely to use the generic and all encompassing ‘stuff’ prefaced by cool, awesome, or great. It might even go the way of ‘this stuff is epic’.

Wood, rope, tarps, tires, milk crates, cardboard boxes, fabrics. PVC pipes, pallets and all manner of scrap materials can make up a loose parts inventory. Kids take them and create. They build up and pull down. They improvise, they move, groove and PLAY!

Container Gardens and Car Washes

I think it’s finally safe to say the overnight frost is gone for this season and we can start our summer garden! We have various foliage around the house that came with it (and that my husband tends to) but I like having a little vegetable garden myself. Since we have a wooded area behindContinue reading “Container Gardens and Car Washes”

Little Blue Truck Goop

Little Blue Truck is a favourite in our house and this activity that recreates the big scene where the big dump truck get stuck is always a hit – no matter how old the kids get! Goop is a really cool concoction of cornstarch and water that seems to defy the laws of physics. It looks like liquid but you can pick it up and make it into a ball, which then turns back to liquid.

Easy Preschool Art Activity Inspired by Mix it Up!

Doesn’t it seem like every time you carefully choose gifts for your children, something that seems completely random ends up being the big winner (like the bubble wrap in a box for Mr. M). My parents got the children a book called “Mix it Up!” by Hervé Tullet. We were all completely charmed by theContinue reading “Easy Preschool Art Activity Inspired by Mix it Up!”

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