First Fairy Door Trail Opens in Halifax

Have you ever been out on a walk in the woods and stumbled upon a tiny fairy house or door? We have once or twice and it was such a fun surprise! Some members of a Spryfield forest school took it one step further and created the very first dedicated fairy door trail in the city. Imagine the magic and fairy dust swirling around this little metropolis!

DJ Butler Playground in Rockingham

Without fail, whenever I ask for everyone to share their favourite playground on social media I can be sure someone will mention DJ Butler Playground in Rockingham. I’ve driven by this spot a thousand times when I worked at MSVU, but I have never been here. Read about my first impression and how it changed after spending some time in the space.

Lower Base Shearwater Playground

This playground is CHOCKFUL of super duper fun stuff and I guarantee your kids will run wildly onto it and do about three laps before they can even figure out where to start. It’s not super huge in actual space but the designers were so smart with the pieces and layout that you can get a lot of kids and a lot of fun in this space.

Bunchberry Lane Park: Playground Review

Bunchberry Lane Park in Spider Lake subdivision in Waveley was installed almost two years ago thanks to the community rallying together and lobbying for a safe, fun outdoor place for kids to play. I love these stories and I was eager to check out what the result was. I’ve got a full review with photos and a list of amenities in this post.

Ten Ideas for Earth Day Resolutions

It can be easy to forget the the Earth is in crisis on beautiful blue-sky, sunny days, or crisp, colourful autumn mornings, but the truth is unavoidable. Big change needs to happen … but big change starts with helping the smallest people on the planet understand the issue and build good Earth-friendly habits into their life from an early age.

How to Give Back with a Litter Scavenger Hunt

If there’s one thing I’ve learned as a parent, it’s that if you call something a scavenger hunt, kids will go crazy for it. No joke. Cleaning up toys, finding groceries in the store, even picking up garbage! We’ve come up with a fun way for little kids to clean up their neighbourhood AND help other kids learn about the environment.

All Hail Loose Parts: Guest Post by Alex Smith of Playgroundology

Our guest blogger today is Alex Smith, the founder of the CanadaPlays Association and the award winning blog PlayGroundology. Alex has been working with a small team of volunteers over the last 3 months to prepare Pop-Up Adventure Play’s visit to Halifax.

‘Loose parts’ skirt the edges of nirvana. Ask any kid. Now they probably won’t call them ‘loose parts’. They’re more likely to use the generic and all encompassing ‘stuff’ prefaced by cool, awesome, or great. It might even go the way of ‘this stuff is epic’.

Wood, rope, tarps, tires, milk crates, cardboard boxes, fabrics. PVC pipes, pallets and all manner of scrap materials can make up a loose parts inventory. Kids take them and create. They build up and pull down. They improvise, they move, groove and PLAY!

Shubie Park in Dartmouth

Our pick for this week’s Family Fun adventure is Shubie Park. Forty acres of forest filled with winding trails, local wildlife, charming bridges, a sandy beach, and a fascinating locks and canal system makes up Shubie Park in Dartmouth and it is a guaranteed hit with our family.

Free Forest School in Halifax: A natural fit for young families

Halifax now has an all-ages free forest school that meets at the Frog Pond in Halifax once a week. We visited for the first time and share our thoughts on why we loved it (and give you the scoop on why the ticks shouldn’t keep you away)!

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