The Stevens Family | Spryfield

It wasn’t just a stroke of luck that the Stevens family (parents Anitra and Jeff, seven-year-old daughter Jorja, and their Shih Tzu Zoie) ended up living in Spryfield. When they started looking for a new home, they spent a lot of time checking out all of the neighbourhoods in the Halifax region before finding the perfect one for their family.

The Swain Family | Central Halifax

If you’ve had a baby while living in Halifax chances are you’ve met one, or all, of the members of the Swain family while preparing for the baby or connecting with other parents after the baby was born. Jolyn and Eric own the charming shop, Nurtured Products for Parenting, on Agricola Street in the North End of Halifax. Read more about why Jolyn and Eric have made the conscious choice to raise their family in Halifax.

The McCrossin-Swick Family | Cresthaven

Katie McCrossin and Zack Swick met on a sailboat so it seems only natural that they would feel drawn to ultimately raise their family by the sea. Read about why this family chose to settle in Halifax and what they love about Cresthaven, the community they’ve decided to raise their three young children in, in the first of our 2019 Raising Haligonians series.

How Halifax Mom Anna Townsend Turned Her Side Hustle into a Full-Time Business

Being an entrepreneur is in Anna Townsend’s blood and it’s something she’s hoping to pass down to her two children when she opens her first health and wellness studio this spring. Read how she managed to create a full-time business out of a side hustle while juggling a young family in our feature on this Halifax parent entrepreneur.

The Story Behind the IWK 5K: In Memory of Jessica

This annual community event is more than a really fun fundraiser for the IWK, it’s a way for one family to heal and give back, and for other families to find support and share their stories. Jennifer Manuel, the organizer and Jessica’s mother, shared the story of the origin of the event with us and how you and your family can help give back too.

How To Make a Halifax Mom Friend

Making a mom friend is not an easy task, and when you’re new to a community – or even just new to being a mom! – it can be even harder. Navigating new social waters at the best of times can be challenging but throw in a kid or two and it can be damn near impossible to build bonds with other people when you can’t even finish a sentence because your kid has a mouthful of dirt or your 18 month old is suddenly at the top of a six foot ladder.

In Halifax we have a reputation for being friendly but I’ve heard time and time again from new moms to the area (or even lifelong Haligonians who are new to being moms) who tell me that Halifax can be a hard place to make REAL friends. 

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