Sackville Splash Pad

If you haven’t been to this splash pad, what are you waiting for?? This location opened up about four years ago and is always a huge hit every summer. It’s big, it’s got loads of variety in water features, and it even has a “gentler” section for a smaller, or more timid, kids.

DJ Butler Playground in Rockingham

Without fail, whenever I ask for everyone to share their favourite playground on social media I can be sure someone will mention DJ Butler Playground in Rockingham. I’ve driven by this spot a thousand times when I worked at MSVU, but I have never been here. Read about my first impression and how it changed after spending some time in the space.

Fall River Fire Truck Playground

If you have a child who loves fire trucks, be sure to take them to the Fire Truck playground at the Gordon R Snow Community Centre in Fall River – it’s literally right beside a fire station and it’s not uncommon to get a glimpse of the fire trucks heading to a call, or just out for a wash.

Dartmouth Crossing’s Go Wild Playground

The Dartmouth Crossing playground is such a clever idea. It can either be a motivator for kids to be patient during the shopping so they can play here after, or a spot for one parent to take the kids while the other parent does the shopping (I see a LOT of dads and kids here hmmmm). The theme of the playground is “Go Wild” and it’s designed like it’s in the wild with a climbing tree, a boat styled swing and photo props.

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