Halifax Waterfront Submarine Playground

The Halifax waterfront submarine playground is a pretty amazing structure and my kids cite it as one of their favourites to play on. We live in the suburbs so when we take a trip downtown we always make sure to include it in our trip. When I was part of creating the 150 Coolest Playgrounds in Canada list (you can read more about that here), this was a no-brainer to include. Here’s our thoughts on it and why, *gasp,* I don’t actually like it much myself.

Victoria Park Playground Road Trip (Truro)

Victoria Park in Truro is a massive (ONE THOUSAND ACRES) park with a fantastic playground, trails everywhere, picnic tables, charming brooks winding through the woods, and a stunning waterfall. In short, it’s the perfect destination for a fall road trip.

All Hail Loose Parts: Guest Post by Alex Smith of Playgroundology

Our guest blogger today is Alex Smith, the founder of the CanadaPlays Association and the award winning blog PlayGroundology. Alex has been working with a small team of volunteers over the last 3 months to prepare Pop-Up Adventure Play’s visit to Halifax.

‘Loose parts’ skirt the edges of nirvana. Ask any kid. Now they probably won’t call them ‘loose parts’. They’re more likely to use the generic and all encompassing ‘stuff’ prefaced by cool, awesome, or great. It might even go the way of ‘this stuff is epic’.

Wood, rope, tarps, tires, milk crates, cardboard boxes, fabrics. PVC pipes, pallets and all manner of scrap materials can make up a loose parts inventory. Kids take them and create. They build up and pull down. They improvise, they move, groove and PLAY!

Why you need to visit playgrounds on your next Canadian road trip (and here are 150 of the coolest to get you started!)

There are themed playground, accessible playgrounds for people with special needs, and natural playgrounds inspired by and made with elements found in nature. But the main reason you need to incorporate playgrounds into your Canadian road trip is because so many of these playgrounds have taken cues from their home communities and incorporated the local values and history of the area into the design.

Backyard Makeover: Creating a Natural Playspace

The yard/property attached to our house is both a blessing and a curse. We are surrounded by trees that are so dense during the leafy part of the year that you can’t even see our neighbours’ houses. This is exactly the privacy and connection to nature that we desired when we moved in, so there’s the blessing. The “curse” is that the property is oddly shaped with minimal lawn space which basically makes it impossible to have a traditional playground structure on it…so here’s what we’re going to do…

Bubble Wrapped Kids

f you ask children in Halifax about the play features at the waterfront, such as the submarine playground and the bouncy whales, there is likely one that stands out for every child who visits: the Wave.

Two summers ago #WaveDad made national headlines when his child climbed the piece of public art and toppled over the other side, garnering a collection of injuries that landed him in the IWK. The father launched a petition to put a rail around the top of the wave, or build a slide down the other side for a safer landing. …

Happy Mother’s Day AKA Baby’s First Stitches

My first attempt to celebrate my Mother’s Day was done the Saturday before the actual day and, because irony loves me, I ended up in the ER with Miss M after a playground accident while in the midst of writing two articles about kids and play. One was about the benefits of playgrounds, including safety tips; the other about parents who are overprotecting their kids in play. In my defence, it was really a completely unavoidable accident. Well, mostly unavoidable, except that I kind of foreshadowed it.

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