How Does a Parent Prepare for Grade Primary?

I’ve been preparing to let go the only way I know how. It’s the same way I prepared in those final weeks of pregnancy, through nesting. I’ve been baking and cooking every spare minute, but instead of making family size portions, I’ve been freezing them in single size portion for her lunches.

I’ve been organizing and sorting out drawers and supplies, but instead of folding onesies and teeny socks, I’ve been filling her backpack with freshly sharpened pencils and glue sticks, and helping her pick out just the right indoor sneakers.

5 Easy Morning & After School Hacks To Make Your Life Easier

Mornings, especially once you’re thrown back in the routine of school and day care, often become crazy and chaotic trying to make sure everyone has everything they need and gets out the door on time. I’ve gathered up five easy-to-implement morning and after school hacks to make your life easier…and you might even have time to sit down and drink a whole cup of (HOT) coffee or tea.

Our 6 Back-To-School Essentials…Beyond The Supply List

We’re only one year into this whole “big school” adventure but we’ve found a few items beyond the specific required items on the supply list that make a big difference in making your life easier and making your kids’ life easier. Plus this is where you get to have a little fun in choosing colours and brands that you and your child like!

Hello, My Name Is…(or when my child started school and changed her name)

Miss M started asking about nicknames and how they work. She asked if she could ask other people to call her by her nickname and I said what I’m supposed to say, that, of course, she could. But I didn’t really think she’d actually change her name…

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