Baby Registry Celebration Provides Resources for New Parents in Halifax

Parenthood is the most incredible job, but it also has the biggest learning curve in the world. You can prepare all you want but, until you’re in the thick of things, you won’t know exactly what support you will need or who you can contact for help. buybuy BABY recognized that challenge when they recently hosted a Baby Registry Celebration and so they gathered up a group of industry experts to connect with expecting parents to help prepare them for the big event…and the days following.

Ask The Expert: BabySleepRight

I met with a sleep expert, Luanne Bruneau of BabySleepRight, on your behalf to have her review your questions and provide some advice. She tackled your questions about a newborn, a one year old and a toddler below with information that will be valuable to many parents dealing with the same issues.

Who wants better sleep? I do! I do!

Sleep is the holy grail of parenting. It bonds new parents together as they wearily commiserate about their lack of it; and pulls couples apart during yet another 2:00 a.m. argument over “whose turn it is.” But what happens after those newborn years when a good night’s sleep is still elusive? What do parents do when their two year old, or even ten year old, is still not sleeping well?

The Demise of the Nap

I am spoiled with the kids’ napping, I’m the first to admit it. Miss M turned four in September and STILL naps close to two hours a day. She has Quiet Time in the evening in her room and has lights out by 8:30/9. Mr M turned two in September and 1) still sleeps in his crib; and 2) still naps for two hours a day (though the days when he stays with my parents he won’t nap). Better yet (and please don’t hate me) for the last year they have NAPPED AT THE SAME TIME.

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