How To Make a Halifax Mom Friend

Making a mom friend is not an easy task, and when you’re new to a community – or even just new to being a mom! – it can be even harder. Navigating new social waters at the best of times can be challenging but throw in a kid or two and it can be damn near impossible to build bonds with other people when you can’t even finish a sentence because your kid has a mouthful of dirt or your 18 month old is suddenly at the top of a six foot ladder.

In Halifax we have a reputation for being friendly but I’ve heard time and time again from new moms to the area (or even lifelong Haligonians who are new to being moms) who tell me that Halifax can be a hard place to make REAL friends. 

Social Media Helps Parents Stay Connected

This article was originally published in Family Matters magazine and has been republished here with their permission. I’d hazard a guess that the wee hours of the morning is one of the most active times on social media for new parents. I’ve personally spent many hours in a darkened room feeding, changing, or soothing myContinue reading “Social Media Helps Parents Stay Connected”

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