Dartmouth Kid Spotlight on Clara Parker: Canadian Girls Baseball League

Clara Parker, seven years old, from Dartmouth, is gearing up for her second summer playing with The Canadian Girls Baseball League (formerly the Nova Scotia Girls Baseball League). We’ve got a profile on this little slugger and why she loves the program so much. Pssst…until March 31 get your code in the blog post for a 10% discount for each child you register!

Halifax Gets First Girls-Only Baseball League Summer 2018


When Dana Bookman’s daughter was the only girl playing baseball in her league, she decided to take it into her own hands to create a team for girls. A team that had strong female baseball role models leading it, had jerseys designed to fit girls’ bodies, and even a necklace with the inspiring phrase “She believed she could so she did” on one side, and the logo on the other. The league started with the hope that five girls would come out to play baseball in the park, and within a year saw 350 girls on the roster eager to play.

This summer Dana is bringing her wildly popular all-girls baseball league (for ages 4-12)  to Halifax.

Sport Specializing vs. Sport Sampling

This article was originally published in Family Matters magazine and has been republished here with their permission. We’ve all heard the Sidney Crosby story; his parents knew at a young age that he was destined for greatness. Now parents watch all practices extra carefully to try to figure out when their child should specialize inContinue reading “Sport Specializing vs. Sport Sampling”

Look Ma! No Pedals!

Spring weather is – hopefully! – just around the corner and that means many children across Halifax will soon be learning how to ride a bike for the first time. Training wheels have long been a popular choice when introducing children to cycling, but balance bikes have recently come into favour with some local parents who believe they’re not only safer for children, but that they can help children to become better cyclists at a younger age.

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