Halifax’s Ultimate Parent and Tot Resource Guide

One of the most important things for new parents to do is to connect with other new parents, ideally in person. It motivates you to get out of the house, it builds a support system, and it provides a space to make friends with other people in the same stage of life. This “living” guide will be your go-to resource as we keep growing it and adding more and more programs so you’ll always have options when you’re ready to “get out there.” Trust me, you’ll be glad you did.

Halifax Welcomes First buybuy BABY in Atlantic Canada

Halifax is now home to Atlantic Canada’s first and only buybuy BABY store (the sixth in Canada). This one-of-a-kind location opened last month with Bed, Bath and Beyond and buybuy BABY under one roof.

They invited me over to learn more about what they offer and to take a tour of the store and I was so impressed! It *almost* made me want another baby. Read on for more details.

Let’s Read! The Itsy Bitsy Nimbus Book Club

*CONTEST* You could win a copy of this book!

Our selection for the Itsy Bitsy Nimbus Book Club this month is for our littlest readers. Let’s Read! is a board book that will grow with your baby from infancy to toddlerhood. It has bright colours, photos of real babies, lots of smiles and a wonderful, singsong, rhythmic text that you will love to read and will be as familiar as a favourite song to you and your baby in no time.

Ask The Expert: BabySleepRight

I met with a sleep expert, Luanne Bruneau of BabySleepRight, on your behalf to have her review your questions and provide some advice. She tackled your questions about a newborn, a one year old and a toddler below with information that will be valuable to many parents dealing with the same issues.

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