Winter Family Fun for Haligonians

For many Haligonian families winter brings to mind sledding, ice skating and building snowmen — or perhaps cozy blankets, books and hot chocolate. Those are all excellent winter fun ideas, but if you’re looking for something a little different this year, we’ve rounded up 10 outings in the Halifax Regional Municipality (OK, nine in the HRM plus one bonus day trip) to fit into your family’s winter plans for 2020.

30 Days of Winter Play: Part Two

Pretty much a perfect snow angel, right? The day after I posted Part One of this series last week we had a big storm the next day. Before it started though I pushed myself to get out the door with the kids in the morning. I wanted to get the wreath shaped bird feeder (details below)Continue reading “30 Days of Winter Play: Part Two”

How to Make a Frozen Treat Wreath for Birds

Each year we like to leave some treats out for the birds and others critters that live in the woods around our house. We see lots of varieties of birds as well as pheasants, foxes, squirrels, raccoons, rabbits, and the occasional deer or two. This year we decided to make an ice wreath as it was something the little ones could get involved with creating.

30 Days of Winter Play: Part One

I know many Haligonians consider the best kind of winter family fun to be boarding a plane to a tropical destination however that’s not in the cards for this family. On our first date (which was in December 2007) my husband told me he loves winter and believes that there is no such thing asContinue reading “30 Days of Winter Play: Part One”

That’S’no Regular Ice Cream: Snow Ice Cream for Kids (and Grown-Ups)

Has anyone made snow ice cream? When I was a kid I remember whenever we’d get a fresh snowfall my Mom would go out first thing in the morning and scoop some up in a bowl before any kids or dogs could “get” to it (no one wants yellow snow ice cream, amiright?); then later thatContinue reading “That’S’no Regular Ice Cream: Snow Ice Cream for Kids (and Grown-Ups)”

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